MyMilestoneCard Account Activation

The MyMilestoneCard activation process in the official login is much simpler and more secure. All cardholders can access real-time data on their official credit card login site and activation procedures are mentioned for the cardholder.

The last four digits of the account number are the PIN code, which the customer must provide when activating, as well as the amount of social security and the date of delivery of the MyMilestoneCard. Click “Submit” and you will receive a new password by email. Then you need to click “Next” and follow the instructions until you are done.

Get Help

If you prefer the myMilestoneCard login portal services for your card, you will need to activate it and you can even follow the instructions below. Account-holders can even activate their Milestone credit card by calling 866-453-2636 or at

You can only activate your account online and access all features and services if you have registered on the official registration portal If you do not have an account, you must first register your account on the login portal.

When displaying ads on the login portal, don’t be fooled by the low credit limit and excessive annual fees. After receiving the MyMilestoneCard, you must first activate it through the official login page of my credit card account.

MyMilestoneCard Activation:

  • Visit the official MyMilestoneCard portal
  • Look for the option “Activate your card” and click on it
  • Enter the username created in the portal
  • Now enter the valid password in the empty field and click Next TAB
  • In the next step, enter your Milestone credit card number
  • Credit card number security code
  • Then verify and submit the credit card information you entered.

Your MyMilestoneCard will be activated shortly and you will also receive a confirmation by text message or email. Once activated, you may prefer the MyMilestoneCard login portal and online card for your purchasing preferences or to pay your bills.